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Chlöe Swift is a professional hair stylist and hair care expert, who has been working within the industry for 12 years. Chlöe specialises in creating hair tutorial content online, influencing and educating both consumers and hair professionals.

Originally beginning her career in the East Midlands, as a salon based hair stylist; Chlöe then went on to study hair and makeup within TV and media in London before joining ghd as a Global Educator where she styled hair for global campaigns, developed education programmes and taught styling seminars across markets.

Chlöe’s personal passion for creating her own online styling tutorials, which she shared to her growing social media channels, then merged with her career and she became ghd‘s first Global Professional Digital Content Manager. Chlöe was responsible for creating various social assets for the brand as well as developing and educating social media seminars across markets and leading self-styling content creation.

In early 2023 and after 3 years at ghd, Chlöe stepped away from her role to pursue her own brand and focus on her own social media content creation. She has worked with hair brands such as; Redken, Living Proof, K18 and Tangle Teezer, to name just a few. Delivering engaging and informative social content, as well as working with TikTok, providing social media consultancy to global leading hair care brands.

Chlöe is passionate and excited about constantly creating new styling tutorials to share with her audiences across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube as well as documenting her life and career as a hair content creator and where that takes her. She loves presenting, travelling and working on projects which personally align with her.

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Ranked #9 and #13 in the National Hair and Beauty Federation’s Top 100 Hair and Beauty Influencer Index Awards of 2021 and 2022.