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Dubai - 40°C Cannes - 30°C New York - 32°C Marrakesh - 38°C Rome - 33°C  London - 29°C (I know right!) Whether you are going abroad this summer, or staying put here in the sunny UK, point is - it's HOT. And I'm finding I am having to deal with a load more hair problems in this heat such as fluffiness, frizziness, damage, dryness, colour fade, brassiness, GREEN HAIR(!) You name it, I've tackled it. So I've put together this post to try…

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ACCESSORIES: Tortoiseshell Trend

I am absolutely loving tortoiseshell at the moment! Well actually, I feel like I have always loved tortoiseshell but it just seems to be having it’s thing at the moment and there is loads of it out there for us to choose from. The thing is about tortoiseshell is that it literally suits everyone. No matter your hair shade, skin tone, even age! If you don’t have any tortoiseshell accessories in your life right now, I seriously would advise you…

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HOLIDAY BEAUTY ESSENTIALS: How To Pack With Just Hand Luggage

Summer is here! And I’m pretty sure we must all have a holiday lined up on the horizon to whisk us away from our normal day to day routines. Now, it can’t just be me who searches the net for hours at a time when trying to find my perfect holiday - the flights being the main pain in the backside issue! I will try and get my flights as cheaply as I possibly can because this then equals having…

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