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HOLIDAY BEAUTY ESSENTIALS: How To Pack With Just Hand Luggage

Summer is here!

And I’m pretty sure we must all have a holiday lined up on the horizon to whisk us away from our normal day to day routines.

Now, it can’t just be me who searches the net for hours at a time when trying to find my perfect holiday – the flights being the main pain in the backside issue! I will try and get my flights as cheaply as I possibly can because this then equals having more to spend on the holiday itself (result).

In order to get the flights as cheaply as possible, this means NOT adding on any extra baggage and travelling with HAND LUGGAGE ONLY.

“HAND LUGGAGE ONLY!?” You are probably all crying out right about now,

“What about all of my toiletries? My big bottle of shower gel, huge tub of body butter, massive can of hairspray?”

Well let me tell you, once you have successfully travelled abroad with HLO (hand luggage only) you will be a changed woman, stepping out of Arrivals like – I’m downloading the Skyscanner app and booking my next flight pronto!”

So let’s begin on our quest to HLO





Yes, forget all about the days of sitting on the airport floor in Departures with your suitcase open, frantically rifling through to find any liquids, creams, gels and having to shove them into your see through sandwich bag. Forget the sandwich bag all together.

Get yourself a good quality clear bag and pack your holiday essentials in this beforehand. You will find you can fit far more into one of these bags as they are deeper and wider compared to a flat sandwich bag. Just make sure the zip does up and you’re good to go.

Your clear bag cannot be a big one, it must still be small and in line with the airlines’ regulations.

I get mine from Amazon and I use these to store all of my makeup kit in usually. These come in a pack of 3 different sizes and I use the middle size one for my HLO needs.


A bargain at just £5.98 for all three!





Haha, easier said than done.

But no seriously, I really do find that you don’t need a lot of toiletries when you’re on holiday, especially if you are only away for a few days to a week.

My favourite shampoo and conditioner duo to take away with me would definitely be the Aveda travel sizes, they are so handy and miniature and because you only need a small amount with professional products, these really will be all that you need.

The Colour Conserve range is great to take away on holiday with you, as I’m sure most of us have coloured hair and stopping our colour from fading in the sun is a key priority.


Aveda Colour Conserve Shampoo, 50ml, £9.00

Find all of Aveda travel sizes here:


If you have a favourite face wash, body lotion or hair product that you want to take but it does not come in a small enough bottle, then empty it into one yourself!

Primark and again, Amazon would be my go to for mini pots and bottles like these.


These are a steal at just £5.99 from Amazon.





Might seem simple enough but no!

I think most people panic about not fitting everything in and being able to take it all, but what they don’t realise is that half of their stuff are actually things they could buy when they’ve arrived or even just on the other side of the gate after hand luggage has been checked.

Here’s some things that I wouldn’t bother packing and that I would buy there or on the other side:

  • Toothpaste
  • Shower gel
  • Sun cream
  • After sun

Even just these 4 items on their own weigh a lot and would pretty much take up your whole HLO bag. So save your clear bag for your absolute favourite products that you cannot go without.





Think about how you could switch up your regular beauty routine so that you can pack more items in your bag (non liquids, non creams etc.)

So instead of your usual bottles of makeup remover/micellar water/toner swap these out for some face wipes!

My favourites at the moment are Superdrug’s Vitamin E face wipes and Beauty Kitchen’s Abyssinian Oil Compostable face wipes.





Or try swapping your usual aerosol or roll on deodorant for a crystal stick deodorant (which also lasts a lot longer!)


Salt Of The Earth Natural Deodorant, £4.99


And makeup wise, try swapping out your liquid foundation and opt for a powder or loose foundation.

I find Bare Minerals actually far nicer in warm weather as it is so light weight on your skin, but still provides great coverage.

Or better still, go without foundation and choose just bronzer on top of your holiday skin! Here are some of my faves:

Bare Minerals Original Foundation, £27.00


NYX Professional Makeup Matte Bronzer, £8.00



Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer, £25.00


So there’s my 4 main rules on how to pack like a pro with just hand luggage.

(You’ll be in the HLO club in no time)

Please do let me know how you get on with your holiday beauty if you have used these rules, I would love to know!


Chlöe x



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