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"Shall I get a fringe?" Now that is one of THE most important questions us women must face at least once, if not a few times, in life. So if you are at the stage where you are finding yourself asking that question, the very next question which should pass your lips should be: "Will I suit a fringe?" HOW TO DECIDE IF YOU WOULD SUIT A FRINGE. Believe it or not, but everyone can suit a fringe. There are SO many different variations and styles of fringes, this…

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RED LIPS: Which Red Suits You?

RED LIPS. Classy, glamorous, timeless, sexy, red carpet, fun. The truth is I think everyone loves a red lip. Now whether everyone dare wear a red lip is a different story. I hear people say all the time, as they are flicking through Instagram: "Oh I love her red lips, but I just wouldn't ever be able to wear red lipstick" I believe there is almost like a fear when it comes to red lips. However, I believe that everybody can suit a red lip, it is just finding…

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