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RED LIPS: Which Red Suits You?


Classy, glamorous, timeless, sexy, red carpet, fun.

The truth is I think everyone loves a red lip. Now whether everyone dare wear a red lip is a different story.

I hear people say all the time, as they are flicking through Instagram“Oh I love her red lips, but I just wouldn’t ever be able to wear red lipstick”

I believe there is almost like a fear when it comes to red lips.

However, I believe that everybody can suit a red lip, it is just finding the right red to suit you!



In able to find the right shade of red for you, first of you will have to establish your underlying tones in your skin.

It would be impossible for everybody to have the same underlying skin tone. Even if there were two women standing side by side, both with a fair – medium complexions and both with natural blonde hair, they can both still have completely different underlying skin tones to one another.

Our underlying tones in our skin will most commonly be pink, yellow and blue.


Pink undertones are usually found in more fair skin tones like Amanda Seyfried and Emma Stone.

The best shade of red to opt for with fair skin and pinky undertones would be a coral red.

Keep it bold and bright, almost more edging towards a more orangey tone.

The last thing we would want to do with fair skin and pinky undertones would be to pick a dark red, this would be a big no no and just make the skin appear far too pale with too much of a contrast.



Yellow undertones are the warm, golden tones which can be found in fair to dark skin.

Rihanna pulls off the perfect RED here. I mean this is just pure RED and looks so gorgeous against Rihanna’s complexion. If you have skin similar to Rihanna, go all out and wear the most show stopping red you can find because trust me, if anyone can do it then it’s you!


For yellow/golden undertones on fair skin, make like Blake Lively and again opt for a stand out red. Bold and bright, this is the red for you.

Apply liberally, don’t be shy! This shade of red looks great against golden blondes and also rich, dark hair.


Blue undertones are the cool tones which are usually found in very fair skin or in very dark skin.

Anne Hathaway is a great example of a woman who knows how to wear red lips to compliment her skin tone.

Anne’s skin is very fair with a cool blue undertone. This means that she best suits a more pinky red, which is a perfect day time option.

A great way to wear red for a daytime look on fair skin like Anne’s, would be to blot the red on so it appears more of like a stain and then blend in with a finger tip. This will create a softer appearance.

Or for a more glam evening look, she can turn to a darker more berry coloured red for a higher impact.


Lupita Nyong’o also has cool blue undertones with her dark skin and is wearing more of a true red here. She can afford to go slightly more red, as her skin is darker and pulls it off beautifully against her skin tone. Similarly, she can also opt for a slightly darker, berry coloured red also.




Now you’re the lucky ones here!

With neutral undertones you lie in the middle, not necessarily falling under any of the above undertones.

With neutral undertones, no set rules apply. You can pretty much wear most red lip colours out there.

Just look at the variety of different shades both Rosie Huntingdon Whiteley and Margot Robbie wear:



 Carina’s Love – Charlotte Tilbury £24.00


        Lady Balls – Too Faced £19.00


Stunna – Fenty Beauty £19.00


Poppy – Shiseido £23.00


Red Velvet – Lime Crime £18.00



Which one are you now adding to your basket? (or all of them?)


Chlöe x

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