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I preach on and on about this but everybody needs a great quality heat protectant in their hair and in their lives.

If you are reaching for the hairdryer, the tongs, the wand, the heated rollers, the hot brush, the whatever you must must must be using some form of heat protection.

By using a heat protectant, we are coating the hair with an extra layer of protection before we then battle our tresses with a harsh heat.

One of the main causes of damage to the hair is heat damage. You can first start to notice signs of heat damage when your hair is feeling dry and brittle or where your ends are breaking off and you cannot notice your hair growing any longer.

If we allow our hair to get so damaged by the continued use of heat, this damage will then become irreparable and the only way in which we can fix irreparable damage is (yep, you guessed it) a good old hair cut. 

Now for you lucky lot, the hard work has been done for you so that you don’t have to research products or do a trial and error test on what works for you. I have used each and every single one of these products and I can vouch for them all.

I have included sprays and serums for use on wet and also dry hair, so you can take your pick!

So here goes, my top 10 favourite heat protectants…


BEST FOR: If you only want 1 product in your hair

An amazingggg all rounder, honestly does what it says on the tin. This nifty little spray has not just 1 but 21 benefits; from heat protection, to colour protection, to moisturising dry hair this spray does it all in one bottle. This is one of those products that you could buy if you only want to bother with putting 1 product in your hair everyday or if you don’t want a bathroom cabinet full of 16 different lotions and potions. Definitely worth a buy and would suit all hair types due to it’s light feel. Liberally spray into damp hair and blow dry in.

(I am also Vegan – yay)


BEST FOR: Smoothing frizz

Now I am obsessed with this little guy at the moment and I have just realised after searching for it online that it is actually quite hard to come by in the UK. Amika products are readily available in the U.S.A. but they do not seem to be as popular across the pond yet. I bought this serum in a Salon Services store which is unfortunately for professionals only, but I am pretty sure you could do a good Google search and find a few knocking about on eBay or Amazon.

Anyway, this serum is best for normal – thicker hair types and it does a fantastic job of smoothing your hair down, making it feel soft and healthy with less frizz. I use a good 4-5 pumps of this in mid lengths to ends and then blow dry it in. You can also use a little bit afterwards on dry hair to slick down any fluffies.


BEST FOR: Using heat on dry hair

Hot Off The Press is a heat defence spray designed for use on dry hair (hurrah!) You know that day 2 hair when you haven’t washed it but still want to go over it with the ghd’s? This is designed exactly for that, spray on to dry hair prior to straightening or curling. This wonderful spray is also humidity resistant and has a flexible hold finish, perfect for when you step outside and you don’t wish for your hair to just fluff up again. Ideal for all hair types.


BEST FOR: Colour treated locks

Best for colour treated hair, Kenra‘s serum spray is enriched with anti fade technology and helps to lock in your hair colour, preventing it from fading. This is also an amazing product to seal down the outer layer of the hair, promoting healthy shiny locks. Can be used liberally on damp hair and blow dried in or sparingly on dry hair also.

(I am sulphate, sodium chloride and paraben free – yay!)


BEST FOR: Keeping curls locked in

This spray is the BEST for heat protection and for holding in your curls. That is a question that I get asked a lot“How can I get my curls to hold in my hair for longer?” and this product is the answer due to ghd’s memory hold technology. Curl Hold Spray is very lightweight and non sticky, spray liberally into damp hair or a gentle mist from a distant onto dry hair.

Your curls will not be disappointed with this one!


BEST FOR: Tangled tresses

Kevin Murphy’s leave in conditioner spray Untangled is amazingly wonderful on long, knotty hair. You know the type of hair that even puts up a fight with a Tangle Teezer? Yep, this is for you guys. With nourishing Australian fruit extracts (oooh) this spray is designed to re condition and re hydrate, leaving your hair feeling softened and protected from heat. Spray liberally into damp hair and blow dry in.


BEST FOR: Vulnerable hair

This little beauty in a bottle is lightweight and great for those vulnerable hairs, especially near the hair line where you might forget to put some heat protectant. Apply this luxurious balm into damp hair and blow dry in.


BEST FOR: Perfect primer for creating styles

Not only is the packaging just everything here (I mean, I just want it on display on my dressing table) but the product itself is everything. It is just like a primer for your hair, so almost essential before creating styles you want to last all day. Call Time maintains the hairs’ natural moisture level, smooths the outer layer of the hair which increases shine and the coconut oil inside is perfect for those dry, over worked tresses. Is there anything that this product can’t do!? Spritz into damp hair, roots to ends.

(I am also vegan – yay!)


BEST FOR: Keeping shape until your next wash

Yes, this amazing mist will do exactly what you all want it to do: protects from harsh heat and will hold in your style until your next hair wash day (due to it’s clever memory polymer technology.) This will result in less styling touch ups, which then results in less damage! Liberally spray into damp hair in sections to ensure all hair is reached. 


BEST FOR: Voluminous bouncy blowouts

The last, but most certainly not least, is the Volume Cream by Sachajuan. This blow dry cream is every inch of luxury for your locks providing volume, width and also balancing out your mid lengths to ends with added moisture. This is your blow dry’s new best friend! Apply into damp hair and blow dry in.

So there we have it! My all time favourite top 10 heat protectants, each and every single one of you reading this on here should find a heat protectant which will suit you and your hair perfectly. No more dry and damaged hair (wahey!)

Every one of my mentioned products in this blog post is cruelty free ♡

Please let me know which ones are your faves!

Chlöe x

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