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Top 10 Hair Products You NEED To Order During Lockdown!

These are my tried and tested top 10 hair products which I feel like everybody needs right now during lockdown! Now is the time to pamper and tame those tresses! I have links below for each product. Enjoy! Pureology Shampoo & Conditioner  Kerastase Nectar Thermique Christophe Robin Mask Grow Gorgeous Hair Growth Serum Color Wow Dream Coat  Kerastase Elixir Oil Redken Anti Snap Ouai Wave Spray Living Proof Dry Shampoo Aquis Hair Turban

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🌞 SUMMER WAVES TUTORIAL 🌞 #adgifted 1) Begin with damp hair. Add @ouai rose hair & body oil, scrunch into mids & ends. 2) Spritz @ouai wave spray throughout & squeeze into mids and ends. 3) Blow hair with @ghdhair Helios (I’m using the limited edition Neo-Mint from the Upbeat collection) Heat on medium and power on medium, softly scrunching hair as you blow to encourage natural wave shape. 4) Once hair is fully dry into natural wave, use @ghdhair gold styler (here I’m using the limited edition moon silver from the Upbeat collection) Grab sections of hair that haven’t waved as well naturally and give them an S wave, bending the hair in S shapes whilst tapping the styler throughout the hair. 5) Once you’ve added the S waves where you want, run your fingers through your hair and break up the S waves to appear more natural. 6) If you have bangs bend slightly back (more C shapes) and again, tap the stylers onto the hair to mould into shape. 7) Give hair a good shake out for some volume. 8) Get your little flowers and apply a small blob of eyelash glue onto the back of each (prep a few and allow to dry until slightly tacky, not wet) 9) Place sporadically in hair, mixing up the sizes of the flowers. 10) Have a little boogie and tada! You’re summer ready 🤍🤍🤍 #hair #hairgoals #summer #summerhair #hairstyle #hairvideos #hairtutorial #hairwaves

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HOW TO: Summer Waves with ghd Moon Silver Stylers

How to create Summer Waves This hair style tutorial is designed for hair which already has a natural wave to the hair. Apply OUAI Wave Spray to damp hair and scrunch dry into the hair using the new ghd Neo-Mint Helios dryer. Once the hair is fully dry, use the new ghd gold stylers (Mine are the moon silver colour available here) S wave the hair in random pieces, so that they don't all look too samey! The great thing…

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HOW TO: Instantly Spruce Up 2nd Day Curls

Here is how I quickly spruce up my 2nd day curls, to give a little bit more volume and oomph and so I have a different style to the previous day!

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HOW TO: Glam Mermaid Wave with ghd Wand

Glam Mermaid Waves using the ghd Creative Curl Wand  

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HOW TO: Bouncy Curl Vs. Loose Wave with ghd Straighteners

Have you ever wondered how to create bouncy curls or loose waves with the same tool? Well it's all about angles! Here I am using the ghd Platinum+ in Cobalt Blue On the right hand side, I am holding the stylers horizontal and pulling the stylers out; this will help to create more volume and bounce, leaving you with a rounded, bouncy curl shape. On the left hand side, I am holding the stylers vertically and pulling the stylers straight down…

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HOW TO: Fit Your Wig & Make It Look Natural

With wigs being so popular for all women now, I thought it was so important to show just how easy fitting a wig is, if you are new to this area! Watch my tutorial below for a step by step guide in how to make your wig sit flat and look more natural.  

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HOW TO: Chic, Sleek & Flipped Out with ghd Spring/Summer Collection

This style is so cute and on trend right now! The chic, sleek and flipped out look. Here I am using the ghd Neo-Mint Helios dryer to blow dry my hair smooth and then followed by the ghd Neo-Mint gold styler to flick out the ends.  

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How To: Give Yourself A Big, Bouncy Blowout

Follow my tutorial below for how to give yourself a big, bouncy blow out! I am using the ghd Helios dryer in white for the ultimate smoothness and shine.

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H&M Spring/Summer Hair Accessories Haul

Hair accessories haul! Everything is from H&M Spring/Summer 2020 range Go have a look and make your hair feel pretty!  

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How To: Hailey Baldwin Inspired Up Do

Hailey Baldwin inspired sleek hair up tutorial. Even if you have bangs like me, just add some statement grips to sleek back!  

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