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4 products you need to blow dry into your hair

Whenever I wash my hair I will always use these 4 kinds of products!

HEAT PROTECTION PRIMER – (here I am using Fudge Professional but I have linked another favourite of mine which is the Kerastase Nectar Thermique)

SPLIT END THERAPY – (a good blob of this will seal down split ends and prevent them from splitting any further before your next hair cut)

SERUM – (I can’t live without a serum, just great for taming fluffiness and frizziness and adding that smooth touch to your blow dry)

OIL – (Essential for restoring and adding lost moisture back into the hair. Also helps to smooth and add shine and can be used on dry hair!)

In that order. Do you use any of these products? Or which ones will you now be adding to your routine?


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