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Curling with a straightener (the difference between the same direction & alternating directions!)

Have you ever curled your hair with the straighteners and then wondered why one side might look slightly different to the other side?

It could quite well be the direction in which you are curling in!

In this video I demonstrate the different looks achieved with curling all in the same direction (right hand side) and then alternating directions (left hand side)

Curling or waving in the same direction, will allow all of your curls to fall into the same place creating a very uniform and polished look (perfect for more of a modern hollywood wave)

Curling or waving in opposite directions will allow the curls to clash into one another. This will create more width to the hair (which is great for finer hair types!) and will create a more undone and natural feel (think beach waves)

Straighteners used are the ghd gold stylers in neo-mint

Next time you are curling your hair, try both ways and see which works for you best!

Which is your favourite side? Left or right? 💕

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