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effortless wave with straighteners

A good few weeks ago, I showed you all (on instagram) 3 different ways to wave with stylers and asked which wave was your favourite.

Most of you guys said #1 was your fave and asked for a how to on that technique as the full style, so here you go 😘😘😘

1) Hold the stylers nose pointing downwards on a vertical angle

2) Turn a full twist around the stylers and glide down about half way

3) Pull out the stylers and then reposition back in but then rotate in the opposite direction – On your next section of hair, make sure that this is also alternating directions! (For example if your previous section turned left first and then right at the ends, your next section would be turned right first and then left on the ends)

4) Wait for all of the hair to cool and then run some serum through to break up the waves and add shine – The perfect way to create the ultimate undone wave

I am using the ghd gold stylers in neo-mint 💕


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