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Heatless Waves (TikTok Trend)

I thought I would try out the heatless waves TikTok trend!

This is a great option for if you have washed your hair in the evening, as you could go to sleep like this and then wake up with effortless waves the next morning.

All you need is the tie from your dressing gown – yes really!

Make sure that your hair is not too wet, orelse it will take forever to dry and also when you take the tie out your hair may have dried a bit too crazy into shape. Your hair will just need to be slightly damp.

I also spritzed in some ouai wave spray for some added texture and to encourage the waves and then finished the hair off with some ouai hair and body oil to smooth and add shine.

Are you guys going to give this look a try? Let me know! 💕

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