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styling my hair with gisou products

I really wanted to try Gisou products (the new luxury hair care brand which happens to be extremely instagrammable and looks great on your dressing table) so I was super happy when Gisou sent me some of their products to try!

All of the Gisou products contain natural bees wax, meaning that they smell delicious and feel amazing on your hair.

Products used here are:

propolis infused polishing primer

  • great for adding moisture and priming your hair before your blowdry. Contains ingredients which will actually help to speed up your blowdry!

honey infused hair oil

  • can be used on wet or dry hair, only a small amount is needed. Great for restoring moisture, shine and sealing the hair for a smooth finish.

honey infused hair perfume

  • amazing as a finishing touch on dry hair. Did you know that perfume lasts longer when sprayed into your hair than on your skin?

Who wants to give these products a try now? 😍


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