Curling with a straightener (the difference between the same direction & alternating directions!)

Have you ever curled your hair with the straighteners and then wondered why one side might look slightly different to the other side? It could quite well be the direction in which you are curling in! In this video I demonstrate the different looks achieved with curling all in the same direction (right hand side) and then alternating directions (left hand side) Curling or waving in the same direction, will allow all of your curls to fall into the same place creating a…

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How to create a bouncy blow dry with ghd

Here is my at home bouncy blow dry tutorial for ghd, using of course all of my favourite ghd products. Give this one a try, if you are not used to blow drying from the front and working down towards the back of the head - you will need some practice! But I can assure you, you will love this look. The idea of starting at the front of your hair and then setting into a pin curl, allows the hair the maximum amount…

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How I Style A Wig

How I style my wig! So when my wig firstly arrived, it was pre styled with a bouncy blow dry kind of feel. It had quite a lot of volume at the root and this can make a wig look unnatural against the head. So I created a style where the wig would look a lot more natural and sit flatter to the head. I used the ghd gold styler to create a flat, barely there wave to the hair…

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What’s in my kit bag?

A little sneak peak inside my ghd kit bag!Great inside info for any young, up and coming hairstylists out there if they want some kit inspiration! The main products that I could not live without in my kit bag are: ghd Platinum+ - (an essential item! Could create almost any look with these stylers. I know I can take quite large sections and due to the technology in the Platinum+ they will curl or straighten completely evenly throughout the hair. A…

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4 products you need to blow dry into your hair

Whenever I wash my hair I will always use these 4 kinds of products! HEAT PROTECTION PRIMER - (here I am using Fudge Professional but I have linked another favourite of mine which is the Kerastase Nectar Thermique) SPLIT END THERAPY - (a good blob of this will seal down split ends and prevent them from splitting any further before your next hair cut) SERUM - (I can't live without a serum, just great for taming fluffiness and frizziness and adding that smooth touch to…

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Silk Scarf Topknot

Silk scarves are all the rage this summer and what better way to spruce up your topknot then to add one of these in! Perfect for any hair length and will make your hair look thicker than it really is. Alternate colours and match your silk scarf to your outfit! Here I use the ghd gold stylers in neo-mint to shape my fringe.

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Products used: - ghd mini stylers here: - ghd hairspray here: - ghd paddle brush here: - oil here: If you do not already follow @negin_mirsalehi you definitely should, as she is ultimate hair goals and girl boss! So I thought I’d do a little tutorial on how to create her amazing curls/tight waves that last in the hair for at least 3 days! 1) Begin with freshly washed, smooth, dry hair 2) Section into 2 (left and right) and use sectioning clips to section bottom upwards in 2 inch deep sections 3) Using @ghd mini stylers, rotate a full turn at the root and then glide down on a 45 degree horizontal angle 4) Swap hands for the opposite side and repeat the same, but make sure your curls are the opposite way! 5) All curls should be in the same direction on each side but falling AWAY from the face, so different for each side! 6) Keep working up towards the top of the head in 2 inch deep sections. Repeat the same technique on bangs if you have any 7) Mist with hairspray and allow to fully cool 8) Once fully cool, use a paddle brush to brush out curls. This will loosen them out and bring them all together to create more of a waved shape 9) Use a couple drops of oil, warm up in your hands and then run through your locks with your fingers. This will tame, smooth and add shine. 10) Et Voila! You’re set for your waves to last until next hair wash day! (*You can use the standard styler size and you will just create a slightly looser look!) #hair #hairgoals #curlyhair #curls #hairstyle #neginmirsalehi #chloeswiftstylist

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How to style your hair like Negin (AKA perfect tight waves which last for 3 days!)

For those of you who don't know Negin, she is the ultimate girl boss and brand owner of GISOU hair products. To create tight waves like hers which will last 3 days, I have used the ghd mini stylers but you could also use the standard size stylers for a slightly looser look. These curls are great though for hair which tends to drop!

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5 Things You May Be Doing Which Are Bad For Your Hair!

A short little informative video if 5 little things you may be doing which are bad for your hair. Are you currently doing any of these?

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3 Ways To Wave With A Styler

Here are 3 different ways to wave with a styler (or straighteners/flat iron) Which wave is your fave? Here I am using the new ghd gold styler from the Upbeat Collection

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