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What’s in my kit bag?

A little sneak peak inside my ghd kit bag!Great inside info for any young, up and coming hairstylists out there if they want some kit inspiration! The main products that I could not live without in my kit bag are: ghd Platinum+ - (an essential item! Could create almost any look with these stylers. I know I can take quite large sections and due to the technology in the Platinum+ they will curl or straighten completely evenly throughout the hair. A…

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"Shall I get a fringe?" Now that is one of THE most important questions us women must face at least once, if not a few times, in life. So if you are at the stage where you are finding yourself asking that question, the very next question which should pass your lips should be: "Will I suit a fringe?" HOW TO DECIDE IF YOU WOULD SUIT A FRINGE. Believe it or not, but everyone can suit a fringe. There are SO many different variations and styles of fringes, this…

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