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Tight VS. Loose! Which curl is your go to?

Tight VS. Loose curls, which is your go to and do you know how to achieve them? Tight curl: hold your stylers on a horizontal angle, complete one full twist around the stylers and then glide the stylers out from your head. Loose curl: hold your stylers on a vertical angle, complete one full twist (or even half a twist for a looser look!) and then glide the stylers down the hair, keeping them close to your body to retain length. Angles…

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Curling with a straightener! Can you tell a difference between the left side and the right side? Here, I use the same technique throughout: holding the @ghdhair styler vertical and pulling downwards. This will create a loose wave which doesn’t bounce up and lose length. On the right hand side all of the sections are curled in the same direction, away from the face. On the left hand side each section is curled in alternate ways, clashing into each other. Always think about the direction of the curl, this will change your overall look! Which side do you prefer? Left or right? Using the @ghdhair gold styler in Neo-Mint #adgifted Music: Balcony Vibes - Katashi Kaitō #hair #hairgoals #hairstyles #hairtutorial #hairvideos #curlinghair #hairhowto #chloeswiftstylist

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Curling with a straightener (the difference between the same direction & alternating directions!)

Have you ever curled your hair with the straighteners and then wondered why one side might look slightly different to the other side? It could quite well be the direction in which you are curling in! In this video I demonstrate the different looks achieved with curling all in the same direction (right hand side) and then alternating directions (left hand side) Curling or waving in the same direction, will allow all of your curls to fall into the same place creating a…

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How to create a bouncy blow dry with ghd

Here is my at home bouncy blow dry tutorial for ghd, using of course all of my favourite ghd products. Give this one a try, if you are not used to blow drying from the front and working down towards the back of the head - you will need some practice! But I can assure you, you will love this look. The idea of starting at the front of your hair and then setting into a pin curl, allows the hair the maximum amount…

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