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Tight VS. Loose! Which curl is your go to?

Tight VS. Loose curls, which is your go to and do you know how to achieve them? Tight curl: hold your stylers on a horizontal angle, complete one full twist around the stylers and then glide the stylers out from your head. Loose curl: hold your stylers on a vertical angle, complete one full twist (or even half a twist for a looser look!) and then glide the stylers down the hair, keeping them close to your body to retain length. Angles…

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effortless wave with straighteners

A good few weeks ago, I showed you all (on instagram) 3 different ways to wave with stylers and asked which wave was your favourite. Most of you guys said #1 was your fave and asked for a how to on that technique as the full style, so here you go 😘😘😘 1) Hold the stylers nose pointing downwards on a vertical angle 2) Turn a full twist around the stylers and glide down about half way 3) Pull out the…

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how partings can change your whole look!

Showing you 7 ways in which you can change up your parting and they all make such a difference. Do you want to feel more glam? Then flip it over Do you want to feel more cute for a daytime look? Keep it sleek and straight Who knew that there were so many parting ways to switch up your style so quickly! Which parting are you? 💕

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effortless summer pony

Here is my effortless summer pony, perfect for 2nd day hair and looks cute for any day time summer occasion. HOW TO: 1) Braid x2 Dutch braids from the top of the head down to the crown. Make sure that you have a zig zag/messy parting between these 2 braids and not a clean, straight parting. 2) Secure braids with small clear elastics and pull out the braids with your fingers to make them chunkier and more relaxed. 3) Pull…

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styling my hair with gisou products

I really wanted to try Gisou products (the new luxury hair care brand which happens to be extremely instagrammable and looks great on your dressing table) so I was super happy when Gisou sent me some of their products to try! All of the Gisou products contain natural bees wax, meaning that they smell delicious and feel amazing on your hair. Products used here are: propolis infused polishing primer great for adding moisture and priming your hair before your blowdry. Contains ingredients…

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how to look like a mermaid with uniwigs

Feeling real mermaid vibes with this amazing wig and hair accessories which uniwigs have sent me! The wig feels and looks so natural even though it is synthetic hair! You can style uniwigs synthetic hair with heat up to 180 degrees (so ghd's are perfect for this) The wig and all hair accessories are brand new for uniwigs summer 2020 range. Would you guys rock a wig? 💕

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how to: snatched, bouncy ponytail using easilocks hair

Ever wanted that Ariana style ponytail, but wondered why half of your length disappears as soon as you put your hair up into a high pony? The answer ladies is extensions! We need extensions to achieve a ponytail of great lengths, which closely resembles a horses tail 🙊 Don't worry, it's what all the celebs do! Here I am using the Easilocks quarter wig clip in extension, which is super easy as it is all just one piece which I clipped…

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Heatless Waves (TikTok Trend)

I thought I would try out the heatless waves TikTok trend! This is a great option for if you have washed your hair in the evening, as you could go to sleep like this and then wake up with effortless waves the next morning. All you need is the tie from your dressing gown - yes really! Make sure that your hair is not too wet, orelse it will take forever to dry and also when you take the tie out…

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Simple & natural spring/summer everyday makeup

I've changed my makeup up quite a bit being spring/summer and I'm loving my current combination so I thought I would share it with you all 😊 Here is my simple and natural spring/summer everyday makeup look! I hope you like 😘 Products used: caudalie beauty elixir ren gel face cream bybi supercharge serum the ordinary silicone primer laura mercier tinted moisturiser charlotte tilbury magic away concealer bobbi brown pot rouge charlotte tilbury airbrush flawless powder nyx tinted brow mascara…

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10 tips for washing hair! 1) Once a week use a scalp exfoliator - the scalp builds up with oil, dead skin and old products. 2) Always shampoo twice - the 1st shampoo will loosen up oil & debris and then the 2nd shampoo will fully remove it. 3) Shampoo the scalp with the pads of fingers, never shampoo & scrub the hair itself - when hair washing, it’s actually the scalp we want to wash. If we scrub the ends with shampoo, this will roughen up the cuticle leaving tangled and matted hair. The hair will get washed just by the shampoo running over it when being rinsed out. 4) Squeeze the water out of the hair before conditioning - this is so you are not diluting down your conditioner. 5) Comb conditioner gently through with a wide tooth comb and leave for 2-5 minutes - this is to make sure all hair is covered, not just the top layer and to remove tangles. Leaving on for 2-5 minutes will allow the conditioner to do it’s job of closing the cuticle and restoring moisture and protein. 6) Give yourself a little massage whilst the conditioner sits on the hair - this will stimulate blood circulation which then stimulates new hair growth! 7) Once a week, use a mask instead of a conditioner, leave on for 10-20 minutes (depending on what your mask tells you) - A mask penetrates deeper than your surface conditioner, this is more of a treatment. 8) Rinse off conditioner or mask with cool water - this will close the cuticle of the hair and leave your hair shiny and smooth. 9) Pat and squeeze hair with a towel, never rub - hair is vulnerable when wet so we need to treat it carefully. If we rub the hair, this will toughen up the cuticle and lead to matting/split ends. 10) When shopping for hair products, look for a shampoo with no sulphates & a conditioner with no silicones - sulphates are a type of salt which will dry your hair out over the long run. Sulphates are a type of plastic which deceive you into thinking your hair is silky soft when it’s a layer of silicone over the top! Were there any tips in here that you didn’t know? 🤯 #hair #healthyhair #hairgoals #hairtips #hairtutorials #hairvideos #haircare #chloeswiftstylist

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10 tips for washing hair

Well this was a fun one to film 😂 dragging my ring light into the bathroom (with a very long extension lead) and ending up freezing and with a wet through bathroom by the end! All for the content hey! I get regularly asked about hair washing; how often? what shall I use? do I shampoo once or twice? when do I use a mask? So I thought this video was well and truly needed! 10 tips for hair washing... 1) Once…

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